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The Monarch Migrant Workers Group meets on a regular basis to support and advocate for migrant workers in the Windsor-Essex Community. This group is made up of migrant worker activists with the goal of improving the lives of migrant workers and building this community’s social capital. Members work in collaboration with Legal Assistance of Windsor in providing information and support for immigration issues, labour rights and counselling support.

The objective of the group, using trauma informed community practice principles, is to develop solutions to the many issues migrant workers face including gender-based violence, work place harassment, immigration concerns, human rights, mental health and food insecurity, as well as engage in advocacy and public education. The Monarch Migrant Workers Group endeavors to empower migrant workers and generate community capacity. Their advocacy and education to local government agencies strives to create better understanding and motivate political will. The Monarch Migrant Workers Group also facilitates a community kitchen that meets on a regular basis to cook and share meals, while providing a social experience to strengthen the migrant worker community. The community kitchen is an opportunity to provide support, information and referrals in conjunction with other community supports. The group engages in other projects throughout the year such as craft workshops, dance classes, English classes, educational workshops, and charitable acts.

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