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W.E.C.E.N. facilitates a peer support group for survivors of sex trafficking. Peer support provides non-clinical emotional support to survivors experiencing emotional distress with the goal of being able to improve their mental health and restore healthy social connections. Peer support can help people develop problem-solving skills, decision making skills, and improve level of resiliency to stressful situations.

The most basic approach of peer support is that survivors support each other using their own resiliency and skills. The volunteer nature of the peer support group creates an environment that builds trust and connection among participants. The peer support group meets regularly to participate in a shared activity while developing life skills and sharing knowledge and access to resources.

There are opportunities available to our peer support group members to receive training and certification as a peer support leader. The leadership that survivors provide can improve self-advocacy while offering empathy and validation to other group members with shared life experience. Peer support leaders help group members develop their own goals and create strategies for self-improvement and encourage taking action towards building fulfilling lives for themselves.

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