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The consequences of trafficking are similar to the consequences of sexual violence, domestic violence and other forms of abuse. Consequences can be immediate and long-term including negative psychological and physical health outcomes.

Trafficking survivors may suffer from physical injuries or illnesses stemming from mistreatment and unhealthy work environments. A large number of survivors will suffer from emotional and traumatic injury from physical or sexual mistreatment, repeated threats against them or family members, forcible confinement, threats of criminal prosecution, being subjected to physical, mental and financial control, as well as the negative physiological effects of living under a prolonged stress response.

Some mental health consequences of trafficking may be posttraumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety, substance abuse and eating disorders. It’s important that survivors have access to appropriate trauma counseling. W.E.C.E.N. can help trafficking survivors access trauma support within our organization and through referral to community partners.

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